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Choosing the Right Long-Term Care Provider

When people are looking for a long-term care provider, "nursing home" may sometimes be the only think they think of. Perhaps they have never heard of other senior care arrangements before, or they mix up nursing homes with other common care providers, such...

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Interviewed on air by Inside Scoop!

Great news! I recently appeared on the TV show Inside Scoop to talk about patient advocacy! This was really exciting for me. Inside Scoop brings viewers lively personal interviews about important Virginia community issues, and this...

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Why do we do what we do?

0:30 - So why do we do what we do at Values Based Patient Advocates? 0:45 - 21 people are misdiagnosed in the United States every minute or 12,000,000 people every year 0:52 - 1.5 million people in this country are prescribed the wrong prescription every...

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What We Do – Patient Advocates Livestream

0:20 - What we do to help people, especially people who are alone or live removed from loved ones 0:55 - If you are the child of an aging parent and want us to check in on them, you can count on us! 1:10 - We always work with your values in mind - that's...

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